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Intergrated | Marketing | Communications

Vision IMC is a full service B2B agency providing Integrated Marketing and Communications services. We have a focussed team of industry specialists that have had brand management and market penetration experience which span over 50 years. We are a strong creative team together with good strategic minds to deliver market success.


Five key areas will feature going into the new decade:

· Increasing pressure to provide strong return on investment for marketing spend
· Higher accountability and transparency as we engage services in an effort to manage cost
· Communications innovation that emphasises more focus and better understanding of target markets
· For a more responsive and adaptive approach to communications media in a highly digital economy
· To be able to bridge diverse markets and speak to the heart

We understand that a client’s success delivers our success and a win-win partnership is going to deliver the best results. We also realise that truth and integrity, as well as good old-fashioned values, play a strong role in remaining sustainable.


Five key areas of success and sustainability for Vision IMC:

· Client engagement through partnership
· Managing expectations on deliverables and costs
· Finding the solution under deadline
· Owning up and fixing up
· Creating new ways that are intelligent and provide ROI
· Understanding brands and their relationships with market success